Lopen: “…you should buy her something nice…A nice plant, maybe, or a new hat…”

Kaladin: “That’s the most ridiculous piece of advice I’ve ever been given.”

Lopen: “You should rub yourself with curry and go prancing though the camp singing Horneater lullabies.”

Kaladin: “What?”

Lopen: “See? Now the bit about the hat is only the second most ridiculous piece of advice you’ve ever been given, so you should try it.”

From Words of Radiance, by Brandon Sanderson

I laughed out loud at this one :)

Kaladin and Syl, by Sarctic at deviant art. Now you understand why buying a flying light spirit a hat would be ridiculous….

Have a great week!

I’ll tell you something in confidence, just between us. I hate epic series.

I hate the waiting for the new book; I hate that by the 4th (or 5th, or 10th, or…) book you can’t remember what the point  was to begin with; I hate that authors loose their way and begin making up new people and problems that weren’t planned; I hate the endless quality of epics, where things just keep on happening and happening and happening…

In spite of this, I did read the Way of Kings, because it’s Brandon Sanderson. And I was stunned with the depth and texture and general wonderfulness of Way of Kings, so I also got this second book, Words of Radiance.

And while I still hate epic series, I love the Stormlight Archive. Each book so far could double as a door stopper, and still it’s gripping, and funny, and sad, and opens a completely different and new (though not necessarily brave) new world. The genius of Sanderson (so far, at least) is that he knows where he’s going, and he knows why he’s mentioning this scene in this place, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t disappoint me like all the other epics.

In short: so far, so amazing. Go read it. 5 stars.

Gluten Free Kneidel


Investigator officially requested gluten free kneidel. I tried once before last Passover, using a gnocchi-type recipe, and it was a dismal failure. I haven’t tried since. However, after watching his big sad eyes as the rest of us feasted on kneidel I took the challenge and decided I would continue trying until I found something worth eating. And so… voila!

Ingredients: based on this recipe

1 1/2 cups rice (I use Persian rice)
3 1/4 cups water
3 tsp gluten free chicken soup powder (I originally put 1, too bland*)
1 1/4 cups gluten free Tami flour
1/2 cup water
Oil for frying
Pinch turmeric powder

Cook the rice, 3 1/4 cups water and chicken soup powder until water is absorbed. While still hot, mash into a puree. Add the Tami flour and 1/2 cup water. Mix well. Let cool.


Using wet hands make round balls and flatten them. Pour oil into a pan so that it’s 1/2 cm-1 cm deep. Add the pinch of turmeric and mix (for the color). Heat until hot (test this by dropping a drop of water into it, the oil should sizzle). Fry until golden,


then flip over until golden on other side as well.


Put on absorbent paper to absorb any excess oil.


This is good fresh, it has a great crunch, or heated on the Shabbat hot plate and added to soup at the last minute.

Note: I tried to boil this like traditional kneidel, in chicken broth. Using an actual chicken, some gluten free chicken soup powder and a pinch of turmeric caused the water to turn red :o

Red !?!

Red !?!

Which I should have seen as a sign of impending doom ;) It looked good but tasted exactly like overcooked rice :(

Looks can be deceiving.

Looks can be deceiving.

Bon apetit!

* The recipe uses the rice paste as a dough to stuff meat in, so it doesn’t have much taste. That’s what the chicken soup powder is for. I’ll also note that this is the first time I’m using chicken soup powder for the past 8 years. But for my son, anything :)

Success in t’shuva is not measured by the final score at the end of the game. It is measured by the playing. The striving for good is goodness itself. The striving for perfection is what perfects, in and of itself“-Harav Kook, from “The Art of T’shuva – The Teachings of HaRav Avraham Yitzhak HaCohen Kook: Commentary” by Rabbi David Samson and Tzvi Fishman

This speaks to two strong beliefs of mine – getting better is a process, and the process itself is also important. This is true for everything important in life – being a mother, being a daughter, being a wife, being a friend. It is not the end that is important – it is all the time and effort put into it.

May we all have a sweet, fruitful, illuminating and perfecting new year. Shana tova umetuka!

Dip your apple in the honey...It's Rosh Hashana!

Dip your apple in the honey…It’s Rosh Hashana!

“I write because, as wonderful as life is – and it is truly wonderful – it isn’t enough. It does not, for example, contain dragons. I find this unsatisfactory. “ – Laini Taylor, from “Why I wrote Daughter of Smoke and Bone”


I just finished Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Book review will come soon. In the meantime, I really loved this quote :) And the image is from pixabay, gorgeous!

Have a great week!

Home again. We had a wonderful time, but I really missed my bed, my pillow, and my kitchen :)

Have a great week and great back to school!


I’m on vacation for 3 wonderful weeks. Ohhh, the joy…


Have a great summer, everyone!


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