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I had fennel to use up. My preferred method is to chop finely with onion in a food processor, and then sauté in olive oil until caramelized and sweet… mmm, yummy! But when I saw I had about 15 minutes until Shabbat came in  (at which point I need to stop cooking, preferably a bit before) I simply couldn’t use that option. What to do?

Microwave to the rescue!

I chopped the fennel, put in a pyrex with olive oil, and microwaved on high for 3 minutes. Checked the taste (I wanted it to be a bit sweet, still), and cooked for two more minutes. Then I added some salt, and the stroke of genius – balsamic vinegar. Another minute in the microwave, and voilà! Side dish done!

Balsamic Fennel

Balsamic Fennel


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