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Pizza-Dough Goodies

As you might recall (I wrote sooo long ago) I needed bags of goodies for my son’s birthday party. I don’t like buying this stuff; on the other hand, If I make a few different kinds of cookies, I’ll be in the kitchen all day. So I hit on a compromise: I’ll make one type of dough, and I’ll fill with different fillings. I decided on pizza dough, because it’s easy to make, tasty, and neutral in taste so it can have both sweet and savoury fillings. It’s also easy to roll out and cut. In addition, we made twice the amount so we also had pizza for dinner!

Pizza dough:
1 amount – 1 1/2 large pizzas thin crust or 1 large pizza with a thick crust

1/2 kilo flour
1 tbsp instant dry yeast
1/2 cup olive oil
1 cup warm water , as needed
salt to taste (I use a pinch, I’ve seen recipes with up to 1 tsp)

Place the  flour, the yeast and the oil in the bowl of a mixer fitted with bread-kneading hooks. Add the water bit by bit while mixing until dough is smooth and elastic. If necessary add more water. If too sticky, add some flour. Knead until you have a ball. Set and let rise until doubled in size, between 1/2 hour and an hour.


Chocolate chips
White chocolate chips
Grated cheese
Other options: jam, cheese with tomatoes/onion/fried onion/red pepper, etc.

Egg to put on top and help close (optional)

We rolled down the dough until very thin (if it’s too thick, it opens during baking and also it overwhelms the filling).

Then, we used various utensils to cut out shapes:
a Tupperware spice holder was excellent, we filled that with white chocolate chips and then folded in half to close;
Flower cookie cutter, we cut out two circles and filled with cheese and olives;
Round glass, we filled that with regular chocolate chips and folded in half to close.

If using, brush with egg before placing in oven. It gives it a nice color and you can use it to help “glue” the sides together so it will stay closed.

My son enjoyed himself thoroughly, he took the chocolate chips in hand (both white and dark). I did the cheese and olives. He has his own little rolling-pin and he enjoyed rolling out his own little square of dough.

We baked at 200 degrees C for 5-8 minutes, until brown.

Some of them still opened, so we tasted those! It turned out delicious!


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