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On Rosh Hashana Eve, I wish you and your family a year of sweetness, laughter, joy, fullfilment, personal growth, nachas, and good tidings.

And to help you on your way, here are some videos:

The Maccabeats, excellent as usual, with tradition and laughter:

Sia, for those moments when you need a helping hand. We all have them sometimes.

And Shimon Peres knows how to laugh – and to get the message across. May his vision come true and we will know true long lasting peace, Amen.

Shana Tova Umetuka!


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Front CoverI’ve noticed that the further back I go, the less I like Nora Roberts. There is a saying in Hebrew – “there is no one so wise as he who has experience”. While it isn’t always true, it certainly seems so in this case. When comparing this to gems like The Witness or the Chesapeake Blue series, I got the impression that she batted this story out in one evening while suffering from the flu. Song of the West was published in 1982 (gosh, I was two years old then!).

Where to start? The heroine is typical “passionate yet innocent” type. The hero made me want to knee him in the balls. Maybe 30 years ago it was considered romantic to catch hold, not let go when asked, say in a deep and masculine voice “I want you and I’ll have you” and leave, but I just found it annoying, intrusive, and creepy.  There was the obligatory damsel-in-distress scene. The barrier to true love was so artificial it was ridiculous – maybe instead of assuming idiocies you could, you know, ask? When the first actual meaningful conversation between the two happens in the next to last page (in order to solve all problems) it makes you wonder why they didn’t have the conversation before. In short, don’t waste your time. 0 stars.

* Older Nora Roberts books don’t seem to have violence at all, no swearing, and no explicit sex scenes. Again, it’s difficult to believe these books are all written by the same person.

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