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May the dead be blessed and rest in peace.
May the wounded heal in body and in soul.
May all of us hear only good tidings.

No quote. Just shame.

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Today is Tisha B’Av – the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av. This is a day of mourning and contemplation. I’m not really in the mood to look up or invent a cool quote, so I’ll just add a link to WebYeshiva for those who want a meaningful Tisha B’av lesson, and link this inspiring statement of hope and interfaith cooperation from the Huffington post:


*image taken from the linked article above. Copyright belongs to the Huffington post.

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I spent the weekend with my sister in law and her kids. In the corridor on the way to the bedroom, my SIL put up a lot of small family snapshots. Small pictures, maybe 15×15 cm. The girls at different stages, my brother Z”L and SIL together, the eldest on my brother’s shoulders. Suddenly his smile was coming at me from so many different places on the wall. The collage presents a beautiful happy family. But my brother never played with his baby girl, will never have the opportunity to put her on his shoulders, will never grow any older in the family snapshots on the wall.

But he is smiling at me with love and waving at me.

My brother, I miss you so much.

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I look back over the last year, and many problems we had were solved, or are at least in progress. My toddler broke her leg, but within a month she was running. My eldest had serious trouble in school, but after going to a bazillion therapists and psychologists we seemed to have found something that makes him happy.  My middle boy is suffering from stomach aches and is undergoing testing for celiac, but if he’s celiac we’ll manage – I love baking, after all, and nowadays you can get practically everything gluten free (for a price…). And at least he won’t be in pain all the time.

But my brother is still dead; and nothing can bring him back.

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I heard this last Monday, and it’s still in my head. Proceed with caution. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Here are the the lyrics and translation .

“The friendship, the love. The youth that came to an abrupt end…” Thinking about you, my brother.

May we all receive only good tidings. Shabbat Shalom.

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My Brother is Dead

My beloved brother passed away suddenly at the age of 38 from a sudden cardiac arrest. He leaves behind his parents, his sister, his wife and his toddler.

These things shouldn’t happen – but they do.

May his memory be blessed.

יהי זכרו ברוך

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