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It’s been ages since I baked a cake all alone. Lately either I haven’t baked a Shabbat cake at all, or the kids helped me. And if they help me, obviously I do the grown-up thing and let them lick the cake batter. What else can I do?
But now I made a last minute birthday cake for my niece and I’m all alone. I can’t let that batter go to waste, now, can I? So I’m standing in the kitchen licking batter and scraping the bowl and feeling… like a child.


I missed a spot!

May we all remember the sweet taste of childhood 馃檪 Have a great weekend!

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I’m on vacation for 3 wonderful weeks. Ohhh, the joy…


Have a great summer, everyone!

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Mary Poppins: “First of all, I would like to make one thing clear:”

Mr. Banks: “Yes?”

Mary Poppins: “I never explain anything.” [Mary Poppins exits]

Now that the week has properly begun, we can put a proper quote 馃檪 I have finally filled in one of the most gaping holes in the education of my children: we sat and watched Mary Poppins last Friday (in English with subtitles in Hebrew). 50 years and still a classic 馃檪

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!

Have a great week!

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I opened one eye at 8:40 today. 8:40! I think the last time I woke up at this hour I was sick. As no one came to ask me for something, I did some stretches (who has the time?). And then my husband knocked and said, “Investigator has made you breakfast. And Insightful left a present of all his favorite drawings by the room” . I went to eat and discovered this:


Can you believe it? What more can one want?
Add that to the large family dinner yesterday and lunch tomorrow that I don’t have to cook, and an excellent movie with my boys, and this has got to be the best birthday ever :):):)

Shabbat shalom!

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My Kids

In this blog, I’ve call my kids “my 7-y-o” and stuff like that. But this is getting complicated, because would you believe it? My kids change their ages all the time. So I’m switching to the beautiful opportunity‘s method and I’m going to coin nicknames for them.

So my eldest is Investigator, as he asks questions about anything and everything, including questions that haven’t occurred to me. It’s very interesting to talk to him. He’s (now) almost 9.


My second is Insightful, because聽though he spends a lot of his time acting like a typical boy with soccer and Lego and Spiderman, he sometimes comes out with such pearls of wisdom that I suspect there is an old wise man hiding in him. He’s almost 7 – and also likes sparkling nail polish 馃檪


My youngest is Independent, (which is better than calling her Stubborn, yes? 馃槈 ). She likes girly stuff (it’s because of her I started using nail polish myself), and she’s smart, 聽friendly and affectionate. She’s 3.


Of course, all them are remarkably pretty and smart. And I’m a scientist, so I know when I’m not objective 馃榾

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But that’s only for girls!” – My 3 y-o daughter to my 7 y-o son

It would never occur to me to tell my daughter that “that’s for boys”聽if she wants to play football, wear pants, cut her hair, whatever. But when my 7-y-o son asked for sparkling nail polish, I did hesitate. Is he gay? Will other kids laugh at him?

In the end my husband and I聽decided that it doesn’t matter. If we tell our聽daughter she can do anything but pee standing up, and my sons that they can do anything except give birth, shouldn’t we聽put our聽money where our聽mouth is? My son loves sparkling things – he’s at an age where he considers gold and silver color the height of good taste – and why should I deny him something that doesn’t hurt anyone? We did warn him that maybe some kids will laugh at him, he said he didn’t care.

So when I did my nails before Shabbat, and my 3-y-o daughter asked to do hers too, I asked my son if he wants as well. He’s smiling from ear to ear, “Look! I painted my nails!”

Look at that!

Look at that!

We’re the sparkling blue family! (Except my husband and eldest son, who didn’t show any interest whatsoever 馃檪 )聽And he went to synagogue and played with his friends and no one seemed to care.

Have a great week!

* Checkout my sparkling blue background! I’ve just discovered pixabay for great public domain images (even though it’s been around for ages). Thank you!

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I’ve been going at full speed the last few days, so today I took things easy and worked from home. One of the perks of working from home, for me, is to take the time to make and eat a proper breakfast, with a cup of earl grey and milk, and a good book.


The epitome of peace

So we have a mushroom, herb and cheese omelet, toasted whole wheat bread and butter. For some reason, I聽 never pack a butter sandwich, or a cheese omelet to take to work.聽 For me, this is the essence of taking it easy.

Mushroom, herbs and cheese omelet聽
Heat oil (can also be olive) in a frying pan. Place sliced mushrooms in one layer in the pan. When browned, turn over and pour eggs mixed with milk, a dash of salt and some snipped herbs (I used parsley and dill, use what you have). Wait until firm and brown on the bottom, then flip over. Place two slices of cheese on half the omelet, wait a minute the fold in half over the cheese. When cheese is melted, move to a plate and eat immediately.

If I’m still hungry, another small pleasure I usually don’t take time for is a tomato and cucumber salad, cut small, with a large splash of good olive oil, a small splash of balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt. Simple, but I’m the only one in my family who eats this so I make it only when I’m eating at home alone. You can imagine how often that happens. 馃槈


So simple, so good

Sometimes the simple things are all we need…

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1.聽Toddlers don’t break bones

Well, they do, apparently more than we think. While toddler bones are flexible and therefore less breakable, they are susceptible to torque. Therefore, toddlers break bones easily if, for example, their foot gets caught somewhere and they try to twist it out.

2. If your leg is broken, you can’t move your toes

Absolutely false. You can move your toes and even bend your leg. It doesn’t even necessarily hurt, depending on the type of breakage.

3. If you have a broken bone, the area will swell and/or become discolored

False again. Especially with toddlers, there might not be any outward signs at all.

And how do I know all this? Because my daughter apparently broke her thigh bone 3 days ago, and it took us and her pediatrician a day to figure it out. She had no marks of any kind. She hadn’t fallen that day hard enough to make her cry. She bent her legs, moved her toes with no problem. The symptoms we saw were:

1. She didn’t want to be picked up

2. She didn’t put weight on her right leg (which we discovered only after some hours).

The pediatrician himself didn’t think of broken bones – he suspected tendinitis or similar and sent us to a child orthopedic. He felt her legs for 10 seconds and told us that our daughter had a broken thigh bone 馃槸

So my sweet toddler is now in a spica cast for 3 weeks. She doesn’t cry anymore when we pick her up and is sleeping well. But she already asked the doctor to take off the cast 馃檪

Now people are asking us,聽“Why didn’t you go immediately to have an X-Ray?”

“Because everyone’s a genius after the event” 馃槢 聽(Not that I said that to anyone’s face. But I thought it 馃槈 ). Well, now you can be genuises before the event if you see the same symptoms. Knowledge is power!


After the Event – Bedi’avad / words and music – Danny Sanderson, performer – Ariel Zilber


“The only thing that’s definite

one hundred percent

is that everyone’s a genius

after the event”

Shabbat Shalom and health to all!


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Behold! My first comic strip 馃檪 Some things are so sad, they’re funny…

So True

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For kid & computer safety, my kids already have a separate account with a password (our account is also password protected). On this account I used Microsoft Family Safety to limit web sites and programs. So far, so good.

I’m trying to find a way that my kids can see youtube without my being behind their shoulder all the time. You wouldn’t believe the weird videos you can get to from bugs bunny or Dora the explorer. There are options for safe mode in youtube, but from my experience it’s not sufficient. I read that you can embed a playlist in a separate web page, and in the embedded playlist only the playlist is shown. There is still an option to open youtube, but Family Safety web filters should take care of that.

So let’s test this with my playlist on youtube. This is simply a collection of good songs, classical, Israeli, pop, some alternative… feel free to listen if you like!

Good Music Rules!

If this works, I’ll do another post with my approved children’s playlist 馃檪

Adding after posting:

It works! I can allow this particular web page in Family Safety web filters, and my kids can see the playlist, choose their video, and watch to their hearts content (well鈥 for their allotted computer time, anyway).

Family Safety prevents the children from pressing on the 鈥淲atch in YouTube鈥 button so I have no fear my kids will end up watching an overdubbing of Dora into sex and drugs (it actually exists聽:?聽)

I鈥檒l sit with the kids and make a kids鈥 playlist soon, and I鈥檒l post it. As it will probably end up being extensive, I鈥檒l probably split into a number of playlists 鈥 smurfs, loony tunes, lazytown, Hebrew/English鈥 The sky鈥檚 the limit!

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