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I heard this on the radio the other day, and BAM! I’m seven years old again, singing my favorite song. Music is the best time machine 馃檪

Do you have a song that can bring you back in time? What is it?


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The voice of the Lord聽hews out flames of fire” (Paslms 29,7)

拽讜诇 讛’ 讞讜爪讘 诇讛讘讜转 讗砖” 转讛讬诇讬诐 讻”讟, 讝”

Imagine the synagogue, Friday night. We had sung already a few songs, leading up to this one: Psalm 29, “Mizmor Le-David“. Everyone stands up for this song. It starts quietly, even though it already has rythm. Even the first chorus is still relatively quiet. But now everyone is loosening up, all the synagoue is singing, some are clapping or stamping their feet, swinging hips, dancing in place. And it gets stronger and more moving, now there is rythm, now there is passion, and we get to the line above. Everyone yells out when we get to “fire“. And in the last verse and chorus the feeling and joy run high, and you can hear the entire congegration also from outside, and we welcome the Shabbat with open arms, preparing for Lecha Dodi which offically brings in the Shabbat.

This is my favorite song. This is my favorite line. This is how I love to start the Shabbat, in joy, and music, and dancing. And this is how I love to start the new week, in singing and remembering the strength and joy and passion of a hall full of men and women singing together.

Have a great week!

This is the original version of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach Z”L. It doesn’t have聽the punch of all of us singing together, but it’s good 馃檪

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This put a smile on my face the whole day 馃檪 The new Maccabeats Hanukkah song is based on “All about that bass”, and is hilarious! This year Maccabeats teamed up with Mayim Bialik to raise $10,000 for the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation. Kol Hakavod and good luck! I added also my other favorite Maccabeats Hanukkah songs, and One Day too because it’s just awesome. And yes, all a capella, even the beatbox “drums”. Enjoy!


“All About that Neis” – for the smile

“Burn” – for the hope

Candlelight (their first viral song) – for the nostalgia

And One Day, because it’s so true, and gives me hope even when I’m down.


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1.聽Toddlers don’t break bones

Well, they do, apparently more than we think. While toddler bones are flexible and therefore less breakable, they are susceptible to torque. Therefore, toddlers break bones easily if, for example, their foot gets caught somewhere and they try to twist it out.

2. If your leg is broken, you can’t move your toes

Absolutely false. You can move your toes and even bend your leg. It doesn’t even necessarily hurt, depending on the type of breakage.

3. If you have a broken bone, the area will swell and/or become discolored

False again. Especially with toddlers, there might not be any outward signs at all.

And how do I know all this? Because my daughter apparently broke her thigh bone 3 days ago, and it took us and her pediatrician a day to figure it out. She had no marks of any kind. She hadn’t fallen that day hard enough to make her cry. She bent her legs, moved her toes with no problem. The symptoms we saw were:

1. She didn’t want to be picked up

2. She didn’t put weight on her right leg (which we discovered only after some hours).

The pediatrician himself didn’t think of broken bones – he suspected tendinitis or similar and sent us to a child orthopedic. He felt her legs for 10 seconds and told us that our daughter had a broken thigh bone 馃槸

So my sweet toddler is now in a spica cast for 3 weeks. She doesn’t cry anymore when we pick her up and is sleeping well. But she already asked the doctor to take off the cast 馃檪

Now people are asking us,聽“Why didn’t you go immediately to have an X-Ray?”

“Because everyone’s a genius after the event” 馃槢 聽(Not that I said that to anyone’s face. But I thought it 馃槈 ). Well, now you can be genuises before the event if you see the same symptoms. Knowledge is power!


After the Event – Bedi’avad / words and music – Danny Sanderson, performer – Ariel Zilber


“The only thing that’s definite

one hundred percent

is that everyone’s a genius

after the event”

Shabbat Shalom and health to all!


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I heard this last Monday, and it’s still in my head. Proceed with caution. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Here are the the lyrics and translation .

“The friendship, the love. The youth that came to an abrupt end…” Thinking about you, my brother.

May we all receive only good tidings.聽Shabbat Shalom.

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For kid & computer safety, my kids already have a separate account with a password (our account is also password protected). On this account I used Microsoft Family Safety to limit web sites and programs. So far, so good.

I’m trying to find a way that my kids can see youtube without my being behind their shoulder all the time. You wouldn’t believe the weird videos you can get to from bugs bunny or Dora the explorer. There are options for safe mode in youtube, but from my experience it’s not sufficient. I read that you can embed a playlist in a separate web page, and in the embedded playlist only the playlist is shown. There is still an option to open youtube, but Family Safety web filters should take care of that.

So let’s test this with my playlist on youtube. This is simply a collection of good songs, classical, Israeli, pop, some alternative… feel free to listen if you like!

Good Music Rules!

If this works, I’ll do another post with my approved children’s playlist 馃檪

Adding after posting:

It works! I can allow this particular web page in Family Safety web filters, and my kids can see the playlist, choose their video, and watch to their hearts content (well鈥 for their allotted computer time, anyway).

Family Safety prevents the children from pressing on the 鈥淲atch in YouTube鈥 button so I have no fear my kids will end up watching an overdubbing of Dora into sex and drugs (it actually exists聽:?聽)

I鈥檒l sit with the kids and make a kids鈥 playlist soon, and I鈥檒l post it. As it will probably end up being extensive, I鈥檒l probably split into a number of playlists 鈥 smurfs, loony tunes, lazytown, Hebrew/English鈥 The sky鈥檚 the limit!

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My eldest came some time ago from his聽kindergarten singing a song that went like this:

“Melissa, Melissa, <unidentified jumble> Ai choo choo pego ai, Ai choo choo pego!”

I thought it was one of those meaningless songs that children come up with. When I was a kid, it was “Ai kaZuma”. Same old, you know?聽However, we were in聽the聽street and heard a faraway radio. And my husband suddenly says, “That’s our kid’s song! The choo choo one!” 聽So I used the absolute wonder of Google, and discovered that the song is a real song, in Portugese, called “Ai Se Eu Te Pego”, by Michel Telo.聽And it was famous about a year ago, including in Israel, where it conquered the top 20 charts.

That I could still ignore. But I was reading a Cracked article about famous musician’s previous careers, and I stumbled onto Chop Suey, of System of a Down. Never heard of it. After looking it up, I remembered vaguely a horrifically聽annoying聽song called “Lonely day” (the most loneliest day of my life, such a lonely day, lonely day, etc.). However, apparently their other songs are excellent. And they became famous in 2001.

Once I could have sang to you every new popular song, down to knowing the lyrics by heart. Everything that came out, I knew about聽and聽had an opinion on. And I kept avid track of my favorite artists, learning聽their聽new albums by heart.

And now? The last Metallica album I learned by heart was The Black Album, released in – gulp! – 1991 (Though I had a brief fling with their S&M album). PJ Harvey? I quit at Is This Desire?,聽released聽in 1998. Pearl Jam? I stopped following them after Vitalogy (1994). Norah Jones I “discovered” about a year ago – 10 years after she became famous. Amit Erez I really liked and bought聽the聽album… and stopped there. And, of course, I discovered the Maccabeats but that’s hardly difficult – they went viral on YouTube.

I have gotten so old.

So. Adding to the聽list聽of new years resolutions: Catch up on my favorite artists. Listen to System of a Down, Muse, and related songs as suggested by YouTube every once in a while. Otherwise I can already hear myself saying “The music of today all sounds the same to me. Oh, for the music of my youth…”

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