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“Half full, half empty, what the hell difference does it make? If there’s something in the damn glass, drink it.”
Nora Roberts, Angels Fall

Sometimes people just over think things. If there’s something to do, do it. If something is, it is. No need to think about it so much 🙂

What do you think?


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“Who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear” (Jeremiah 5,21)

“עיניים להם ולא יראו, אוזניים להם ולא ישמעו” (Hebrew sounds better to me 🙂 )

To me, this verse is about racism and sexism. I don’t think that most people get up in the morning thinking, “I’m going to opress some women/Arabs/blacks” etc. Most of the people I see every day are good people, and kind, and would never dream of hurting anyone. But our plumber doesn’t seem to see how insulting it is to ask for my husband to explain the plumbing problem. If asked, he would be surprised, and say he knows I’m intelligent, why are we hurting his feelings? Or the woman who talks to the Israeli Arab butcher is if he’s a half-wit, she would say, “But I go there every week, he’s the best butcher in the neighborhood!” Also I, who look at a Haredi Jew dressed in black with a white beard to his belt and assume he doesn’t know basic physics (he has a degree in that and computer programming, like me).

Eyes they have but cannot see. Ears they have but cannot hear.

Let’s all try to open our eyes and ears. I wonder what new things we will see and hear?

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On the face of it, this looks like the most boring book on earth. If a friend hadn’t recommended it I wouldn’t have thought of it twice. A retelling of sleeping beauty? Who cares? I don’t even like sleeping beauty!

But oh, this is beautiful.

If I had never heard of sleeping beauty, it would still be an amazing book. Magic, friendship, family, battles, fairies, strong and interesting characters (most of them female!) and a sweet style of writing that just sucks you right in. The real and the magic mesh so seamlessly. Forget fairy tales. Forget retellings. Just read it. 5 stars.

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“..the jealousy of what I might have been…takes me out of my world, thus leading me to forget that the choice of my present is always for the first time” – William Kolbrener, Open Minded Torah

This is a trap that is so easy to fall into. If only I had done this instead of that… if only I had said the right thing… If only I had gone left and not right… and because you are thinking of your past, you are not in your present world, and you don’t pay attention to the decision you have to make now. This was one of my Rosh Hashana resolutions this year, and it is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Not to second guess myself (“but maybe it would have been better to-“) and to concentrate on the present.

And the shorter version:

The past is not a good place to live Picture Quote #1

Do you have trouble with this? What is your method of living in the present and not the past?

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This one is one of the reasons why I love to read 🙂

“The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.” – Brandon Sanderson

These are the books I love most – those that make you say, “Why didn’t I think about that before?” Most Brandon Sanderson books do that for me. Surprisingly, also Dick Francis, who usually has interesting insights on life from completely different experiences from mine. Charles de Lint is another personal favorite. What are yours?

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My friend coined this expression, when discussing books that you go to for comfort, like comfort food. She was referring to Nora Roberts books, which have happy endings, require little thought, and grip you enough that you forget your troubles. I definitely have some Nora Roberts books that I go to for comfort, such as The Witness, Angels Fall, The Mackades, The Winning Hand, and probably much more. But my ultimate in comfort books is The Blue Castle, by L M Montgomery (yup, the same one that wrote Anne of Green Gables).

Granted, it’s also a type of romance novel. The ending is also happy, some might say even forcibly so. But it’s also satirical and laugh out loud funny, and just looks at everything in a slanted way that I find very soothing. It’s outdated (from the beginning of last century) and that is also part of its charm, as it reflects the social mores of that time very well – and mercilessly shoots them down. It’s gripping, light, funny, sweet, romantic, and interesting. In short, the literary equivalent of comfort food 🙂 Obviously, 5 stars.

What is your “comfort book”?

Update: I completely forgot to mention that for ebook lovers, The Blue Castle is available for free at the gutenberg project. Enjoy!

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