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I was arranging some paperwork, and found some advertisements for baby formula. Among all the explanations on why it’s the bee’s  knees, there was a short chart of developmental stages – what your baby should be doing at age one month, two months, etc. I quickly looked over the 3 month bit (as my daughter is now 3 months old! How time flies…) and found out that at three months my baby should be laughing “in response to funny situations and humour”.

Really? How do I test that, ask her if she heard about the one with the mathematician and the physicist? (Only physicists and mathematicians find it funny, anyway). She can’t talk and barely understands, she should respond to humour?

To get to the other side… that’s so funny!


Now that went straight into the paper recycling pile…


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Mazal Tov!

I’m happy to announce that I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last Saturday. Thank G-d we are both healthy. She is sweet and adorable.

As our first girl after two boys, we are under the pink attack: pink clothes, pink teddy bears, pink pacifiers, you name it 🙂 and I don’t even like pink!

Let all our problems in the future be no worse than this 😉 Amen.

Baby girl

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Going Out

I finished nursing my 4-month-old and handed him to his dad for burping. Then I went to the kitchen and cut up and seasoned some red beetroot for a salad. My mom had brought me the cooked beetroot so I had to do something with it, and my 2.5-year-old loved it. My mom had also let him know that she had brought it, and there was only so long I could put him off.  So I took my 2.5 year old, sat him down, and gave him a dinner of beetroot salad and yogurt (with a straw). I checked my watch.

I hid in the kitchen and pumped my left breast which was very full. My brother wandered into the kitchen, probably to ask if I needed any help, caught one look and ran away. I called “Sorry!”. Too late. I probably traumatized him for life. In the meantime, my husband placed the baby in a swing and helped the toddler eat. He then went to the kitchen and told me that I needed to shower and leave.

I nodded, poured the milk into a bottle for the rest of the evening’s feeding, and rushed to the bathroom for my shower. My toddler, having finished eating, helpfully gave some of his bath toys so I won’t be bored in the shower. He then proposed to play hide and seek with me while I was in the shower. My husband said, “No, play with me. Not with mommy.” My brother and his wife exchanged horrified looks.

The baby began crying that he wanted the rest of his food. I grabbed the baby’s oil and his creams (he suffers from red and itchy skin, the poor baby) and showed them to my husband, as these were new and he hadn’t used them yet. I got into the shower and washed as fast as I could. The hot water was getting colder by the minute. My husband gave the baby to my brother who promptly began walking with him and making cooing noises.

My husband started to take the toddler to change his diaper and pajamas and put him in bed. My toddler, emboldened by our guests, proclaimed that he didn’t want to go to bed. When my husband gave him no choice, he started crying. The baby burst into tears as well. I dressed as fast as I could, the toddler was calmed down and placed in bed, I put earrings and a necklace on, my husband took the baby from my brother, arranged a place on the sofa with the bottle and the remote, and sat with the baby and began feeding him. My brother and his wife were already standing up. I smiled and said, “we can go now”. And we finally went out to an excellent concert of Barry Sakharof, may he forever be blessed.

Sometimes, no matter how complicated, you just need to get out of the house.

I just hope I haven’t convinced my brother and his wife never to have children… 😉

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