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Me: “I look good, but tired.”

Insightful: “No, mom, you look good like you always do.”

Me, joking: “What, I always look tired?”

Insightful, seriously: “Yes, mom. You don’t sleep enough, you know.”

What can I say? When it’s that obvious, I need to sleep more. Starting tomorrow 😉 Just kidding, started last week already 🙂

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Already sleeping…

Have a great and sleep-full week!


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I opened one eye at 8:40 today. 8:40! I think the last time I woke up at this hour I was sick. As no one came to ask me for something, I did some stretches (who has the time?). And then my husband knocked and said, “Investigator has made you breakfast. And Insightful left a present of all his favorite drawings by the room” . I went to eat and discovered this:


Can you believe it? What more can one want?
Add that to the large family dinner yesterday and lunch tomorrow that I don’t have to cook, and an excellent movie with my boys, and this has got to be the best birthday ever :):):)

Shabbat shalom!

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My Kids

In this blog, I’ve call my kids “my 7-y-o” and stuff like that. But this is getting complicated, because would you believe it? My kids change their ages all the time. So I’m switching to the beautiful opportunity‘s method and I’m going to coin nicknames for them.

So my eldest is Investigator, as he asks questions about anything and everything, including questions that haven’t occurred to me. It’s very interesting to talk to him. He’s (now) almost 9.


My second is Insightful, because though he spends a lot of his time acting like a typical boy with soccer and Lego and Spiderman, he sometimes comes out with such pearls of wisdom that I suspect there is an old wise man hiding in him. He’s almost 7 – and also likes sparkling nail polish 🙂


My youngest is Independent, (which is better than calling her Stubborn, yes? 😉 ). She likes girly stuff (it’s because of her I started using nail polish myself), and she’s smart,  friendly and affectionate. She’s 3.


Of course, all them are remarkably pretty and smart. And I’m a scientist, so I know when I’m not objective 😀

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“I’m not an orange, right?” – my 3-y-o daughter

Now there’s a question I didn’t expect I would ever hear 😉

I can see where she gets confused...

I can see where she gets confused…

Have a great week!

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I love cherry tomato salad. It’s tasty and refreshing and best of all ridiculously easy:

Cherry tomato salad

Cherry tomatoes, halved or quartered depending on size
Good quality olive oil
Dried or fresh oregano and/or basil

Mix,  add more spices if you want and eat! It’s even better if you let it sit for half an hour first, but I rarely have the patience.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t continue getting better, and to my taste is quite soggy the next day. So leftover tomato salad is an issue.
However, paired with the inevitable question “what’s for dinner?” An answer appears:

Pizza on Matzah (or pita)
This is a staple dinner that a kid can make on his own, and is standard when the kids have their friends, as it’s easy and appealing to most children. I’ll start with the Passover version and add notes for the regular one.

Matzah, broken in two or four
Pizza sauce of choice:
   1. Ketchup
   2. Leftover tomato salad, minced in the food processor. Add some tomato paste if too thin.
   3. Mix tomato paste, a dash of water, oregano, basil, and optionally ketchup.
Yellow cheese or mozzarella cheese, sliced
Topping of choice

Spread sauce over matzah.


On the right tomato salad, the rest is the tomato paste mix

Top with cheese.


Add topping of choice. Kids love to experiment with this,  but this time we went with the classics:


If only one or two, microwave for 30 seconds on high. For a family, grill in the oven for 3-5 minutes at 200 °C.


Serve with vegetables cut into sticks: cucumbers, carrots and red peppers are favorites at my house.

Bon apetit!

Notes for pita version: using a knife, separate the pita sides. Spread sauce and cheese as toppings on each round pita half and cook as above.

Obviously this would work with regular sliced bread as well, but for some reason kids like that less.

This is a great use for leftover tomato pasta sauce as well.

Happy Passover!

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Hi all, I haven’t posted in a looong time. Sorry about that.

To continue, there are two additional recipes I cooked with my 3-y0 lately: Animal shaped vanilla cookies and chocolate balls.

Animal shaped vanilla cookies:

These are basic cookies that can be rolled out and cut out with cookie cutters. The great thing about them is that the dough doesn’t have to be refrigerated before rolling. Most recipes require the dough to be in the refrigerator at least half an hour, making it a bad choice with young kids. Predictably, this recipe is also taken from “Cakes for all seasons”, Nira Scheuer (with a few changes).

Ingredients for about 100 cookies:

2 1/4 cups flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg
5 tbsp water (or cream)
1 tbsp vanilla
1 tbsp lemon zest (optional)
pinch salt
150 gr cold margarine.

Place all the ingredients in the mixer and mix until you get dough. Do NOT over-mix. I personally prefer to have a few pieces of margarine showing than over-mixing. If it is really unbearably sticky, add some flour and mix the minimum possible.

Flour your surface and the rolling-pin well before rolling. Roll out and cut out with cookie shapes. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees C, about 10 minutes or until golden.

Chocolate balls

This recipe is from “Children are cooking”, Ruth Sirkis, again with some changes :-). This is an excellent and highly recommended book, not only for kids – I still make pancakes using the recipe from this book.


250 gr petit-buerre biscuits, crushed in a food processor or placed in a bag and crushed with a rolling-pin.
10 tbsp sugar
5 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tbsp vanilla (optional)
100 gr margarine, melted
coconut flakes

Place all ingredients except water and coconut in a big bowl. Mix. Add water while mixing, adding only enough so that the mixture forms a dough. Make balls (roughly 2-3 cm in diameter) and roll in the coconut flakes. Place in small paper muffin cups. Makes about 40 balls.

My 3-yo made the balls and rolled them in the coconut  and thoroughly enjoyed himself.


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