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Chameleon Flowers!

Last post I photographed the beautiful flowers my husband bought me for my birthday. Well, something odd is happening to them: they are loosing their color into the water. From white flowers with blue streaks I have know white flowers in blue water. I assume that to get the blue streaks to begin with they were probably put in colored water.

Apparently, flamingos work the same way – they are pink becsue of the shrimp they eat. In zoos, they don’t eat shrimp (what zoo could afford it? 🙂 ) so they turn white. Zoos don’t like having white flamingos, so they either feed them red beetroot, add carotene to their diet, or in the case of the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem, colour their water pink (or maybe the water in the Biblical Zoo is pink for the same reason the water in my vase is blue? What came first? I need to find someone at the zoo and find out). So we get flamingos of colour ranging from pale pink to dark pink.

Purple flowers with flourescent green streaks, anyone?

White flowers and blue water


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